Somnimage is proud to announce the release of "Transmutations" by Brume / Bokeh

This collaborative project started in 2011. Source material was traded, mixed and re-mixed. The end result is 4 tracks of exquisite drones and soundscapes.
We hope this release takes you to a place in your head that you would like to visit over and over.

Brume is French sound-sculptor Christian Renou. He has recorded under the moniker Brume and his own name since 1985. His compositions treat, assemble and mix acoustic sounds. He relies on dense, rapid-fire montages and electroacoustic ambience.

Bokeh is the duo of Mandy Matz (Theory Anesthetic) and Mykel Boyd. Bokeh tracks usually start with Boyd's processed field recordings. Once in the hands of Matz they are transformed and layered into beautiful, organic landscapes. Vocals and violin are then added to complete the composition.

"Transmutations" features tracks performed by Brume, Bokeh and 2 collaborative tracks.

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CD (post-paid) USA = $14.00 Canada = $20.00 Rest of the World = $23.00